Francesca, Mijas, SPAIN

Francesca, 7 years old, was born in Spain and is a British citizen.  She has gone to school in Mijas, Spain and enjoys chocolate ice-lollies from the Iceland store that her mother occasionally visits.  Francesca will not be included in the numbers of British citizens living abroad as she was born in Spain.

To hear more about how Brexit will affect Francesca’s life contact us here

*These photographs of everyday Brits in Europe are part of a collaboration with the photographer Charlie Clift and his acclaimed exhibition Brits in Europe.  For further information go to

One thought on “Francesca, Mijas, SPAIN”

  1. I was born in Europe to British parents, and often travel to Great Britain/the United Kingdom to see them now that they have retired.
    I have lived and studied most of my life in France and was looking to buy a house when Brexit happens.

    I do not know what the future holds and am now waiting to see what will happen in order to know what to do.

    Brexit can impact my search for a house, my country of residence and my travels to see my family.

    In addition to that, I am Scottish and could be just as impacted by the Scottish referendum.

    Today my British passport is the only document I need to stay in France.
    If I need to change my British passport to a different one, this means more complexity for me and for my country of residence.

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