Report from Munich Brexit Stammtisch 8th May

Ingrid Taylor reports from Munich:  After two ‘Brexit Countdown’ evenings, it was time for a follow-up ‘Brexit Stammtisch’ to discuss all the events of recent weeks. On Monday, May 8th, a group of around 50 British professionals met to take stock. In a government declaration in the Bundestag, Angela Merkel herself had welcomed the contribution of British people to German society, and said we should stay. And the EU27 is also supporting our interests, as evidenced in their recently published draft negotiating guidelines (the content of which owes much to the efforts of the British in Europe Coalition). But we are still waiting for positive signals from across the Channel….

Brexit Stammtisch, Munich. Lively discussions between company owners, managers, IT specialists, musicians, construction engineers, teachers, translators, patent attorneys, accountants and actuaries. Photo: Dominik Gigler.

Everyone was encouraged to lobby local, national and European politicians, including those in the UK, in order to raise our concerns with those who have influence. A plea was also made for everyone who has a vote in the UK election to use it (with details of how to get your overseas vote on this website) Lawyer David Hole explained the nuances of acquired rights, pointed to the different interpretations on their future and the serious implications of their loss for UK citizens living in the EU27. Rob Harrison outlined the Coalition´s various initiatives and activities. And Monika Haines reported on her survey of local companies, aimed at finding out what their plans are as regards their British employees post-Brexit



Businessmen exchange views on the impact of Brexit on their Munich-based companies. Photo: Dominik Gigler. Photo: Dominik Gigler.

Guardian Brexit correspondent Lisa O’Carroll came along to report on the event; she highlighted a number of the issues covered, and interviewed individuals about their concerns. 

Read her report here

A British retiree, whose son has mental health problems and is in care, explains her worries to the reporter. Photo: Dominik Gigler.

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  1. Just saw the excellent interview with Ingrid Taylor in the Süddeutsche Zeitung”We bin ich?” I’m a Brit living in Bayerisch Gmain and settled in Germany in 1989. I have now got German citizenship as I was so furious at losing my voting rights in the UK after living abroad for over 15 years (thanks to T. Blair Esq!). And as I’m a German taxpayer I decided :”No taxation without representation”.
    I have KEPT my British nationality of course.
    I’d like to join a mailing list re. activities in Munich/Sth Bavaria if there is one.
    I’m sharing the ups & downs of a Brit in Salzburg, an interpreter/translator resident there for over 30 years. The Austrians took 1 year to grant Austrian nationality but they insist she surrender the British one. I will forward the website details to her. Perhaps someone can help her in her fight?

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