Strategy Meeting – Brussels

On Sunday 5 November, nine out of the ten members of the BiE steering team made it to Brussels to meet in person for the first time. A broken car meant that Roger was unable to join in person but he was able to join by Skype making a full house.

Read Michael Harris’s (Eurocitizens) amusing account of the motley crew sat around the table here.

The agenda was long but with the help of Tamsin, our facilitator, and some very fast talking, we made it through. We will be publishing more about our discussions over the coming weeks but the key topics covered:

  1. The launch of the official British in Europe organisation. We are finishing the paperwork to become a French association (under loi 1901,  a not-for-profit organisation). Once this is complete, we will be able to open a bank account and finally raise money to pay for expenses incurred. Watch this space for more information or make a pledge on our Donation page.
  2. Marketing & communication. A new website is underway but we are looking for a WordPress developer who can help us launch this more quickly. If you feel you can help us, please get in touch.
  3. Overall strategy, otherwise known as how to be in several places at the same time! A wall of post-its and flip-charts detailed the important meetings and decision points in the coming months. We will be sharing how you can help us soon.
  4. Resources – without a doubt, we cannot do this by ourselves. We will be calling for volunteers with specific skill-sets very soon. Along with admin support for our advocacy group, we also require media professionals, a website developer, fund-raisers and more.


2 thoughts on “Strategy Meeting – Brussels”

  1. Feel outraged but powerless as uk citizens settling in retirement in France in a house we bought 15 years ago.

  2. 20 years in Europe, now in limbo. Freedom of movement is essential. such a shame, what harm can it do. We cannot even vote in our own country’s election. Also I cannot apply for an EU nationality. Thanks for your work on behalf of us all. Will make a bank transfer this weekend.

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