7 thoughts on “BiE Newsletter: 17 Nov 17”

  1. I would like to receive this newsletter regularly.

  2. A heartfelt “thank you” to the ‘steering team’ and the hard work you are undertaking on behalf of all Brit ex-pats. But, thanks are alone are not enough, we all need to contribute in our respective cities and regions; time is, indeed, of the essence. Here in Osnabrück, we are working the land in an area where, at one time, one in ten of the population was a Brit.

  3. I would like to no why about 38% of a nation can tell the rest what we should do.
    Please can some one tell me how that works?
    Keep the good work up for us all who live in the eu and for supporting all eu citizens in uk.
    Ps can you tell me if there are any meetings in the south of Spain.

    1. Hi Andy, we’re working on the sign-up now and as soon as it is available we will put it on the site. Thanks for your interest

    1. Hi Denise – if you could just fill in the volunteer form then we will get back in touch and explain it all 🙂

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