Letter to EU27 Heads of State

As Citizens’ Rights negotiations head into a pivotal period, the3Million and British in Europe have once again worked together to send every EU27 member a letter outlining our concerns and detailing our roadmap to reaching a successful conclusion.

Sent to coincide with their arrival at the first EU Social Summit for 20 years, the accompanying email explains:

“We are writing to you on behalf of the3million and British in Europe at a critical phase in the Brexit negotiations.  The view has been advanced that a deal on citizens’ rights is within ‘touching distance’.  However, we consider that there are fundamental stumbling blocks to reaching an agreement which truly reflects the stated aim as expressed by both sides that ‘Brexit does not alter the nature of people’s daily lives’.  Please find attached a letter setting out our roadmap to achieve a comprehensive agreement on citizens’ rights that will preserve all our existing rights under EU law. 

We call upon your Government to show its commitment to the social, political and work rights of 5 million EU citizens on both sides of the English Channel who have put their faith in the European project. We ask you to help reach a constructive consensus among the EU27 on citizens’ rights before the December European Council summit – and to ensure that s decision on ‘sufficient progress’ and for the talks to move on to the next phase is only made if the outstanding fundamental issues that we raise in our letter are agreed.”

The letter can be read in full here:

Ahead of the Social Summit, President Juncker said: “Europe is slowly turning the page on years of economic crisis but it has not yet surmounted the biggest social crisis it has known for generations. The challenges of youth unemployment, inequality and a transforming world of work are ones we all face. In Gothenburg, we have a unique opportunity to seek out common solutions. This should be a landmark moment – with the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, we are showing our joint commitment to protect and uphold the rights of equality, fairness and opportunity that we all stand for and that all citizens are entitled to. And it must also be the first step of many in this direction.

This therefore seems the perfect opportunity to remind them of their commitments to the 5 million currently living in limbo and to deliver our road map for the way forward.

7 thoughts on “Letter to EU27 Heads of State”

  1. An impressive letter clearly defining our rights as EU UK citizens abroad ,
    which is the bullet points that affect my husband and myself and daughter.
    We are praying The EU / UK Negotiations recognise our plight and the situation brought upon us by Brexit , as a family this is the last result we ever wished for in The Referendum turning our content lives upside down.
    We are all praying for the outcome of the negotiations return good for all who find themselves in similar positions in the UK and abroad.
    Thank you to all those who are working so robustly for us all as EU UK citizens , we appreciate everything you have worked so hard for.

    1. If the 3 million living in Europe had been able to vote, we would not be in this predicament!!!

  2. I believe that by showing heads of state/government throughout the 27 EU states we show that whatever Theresa May says about 65 million people looking forward to Brexit, that this letter draws attention to the fact that there are countervailing forces among people directly and potentially adversely affected who do not want it and also, in many cases, and all in the case of the 3M, have been excluded from this life changing action. Since the UK government will not listen and act accordingly, I have said for some time that we need to turn to the people this letter addresses, as members of one group I am part of (RIFT) will probably remember. I hope this is followed through and that sympathetic parliamentarians in the respective governments are attracted to taking up this cause.

    1. Indeed Brian, and thank you for your help as we continue to fight for our rights.

  3. We have made a new life for ourselves in France. Neither of us wish to ever return to the UK to live. We consider ourselves European, not British. Please make sure that our rights are upheld. The UK has a corrupt, unelected government, only in place because they are propped up by religious far right maniacs. They have another agenda, wishing to leave the EU to avoid tax scrutiny. We want to maintain all the rights we have now including access to healthcare.

    Please don’t forget us and don’t let the British government trample all over the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. Our faith in in you.

  4. To add to Pams comment – how can it be that the UK government was able to take a decision affecting a lot of people (expats permanent or temporary) and that at least a part of the people affected were not permitted to participate in the decision making process.

    Surely this is undemocratic and could be used to some useful purpose

    I personally left the UK in 1988 and have no desire to return but I will be very unhappy if my freedom of movement and life choice here in Europe is compromised by decisions taken by a bunch of dishonest people back in the UK

    I shall be applying for a French passport in the coming weeks

  5. My biggest concern is that although we may be entitled to settled status in the EU state we live in on the day of Brexit, we will lose our right to onward movement.
    I’m currently in Slovakia but am planning to move to Germany or Spain at the end of 2019 and with the current proposal, I won’t be entitled to this right to live and work where I want..

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