Response to ‘Sufficient Progress’ report

The UK and EU 27 have failed to protect the rights of 4.5 mn British people living in Europe and EU nationals living in the UK according to leading citizens’ rights campaign group British in Europe.

Reacting to the news that the UK and Commission have agreed ‘sufficient progress’ on the Brexit divorce issues: Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe said:

‘This deal is even worse than we expected. After 18 months of wrangling the UK and EU have sold 4.5 mn people down the river in a grubby bargain that will have a severe impact on ordinary people’s ability to live their lives as we do now.

This is a double disaster for British people living in Europe. At the moment, not only is it unclear whether we keep our automatic residency rights, but it looks like we can also kiss goodbye to continuing free movement beyond any agreed transition period – which so many of us who work across Europe rely on to support our families’.

The UK wasted a precious opportunity to take up the EU’s comprehensive offer on citizens’ rights back in June. Instead, they decided to link the status of EU nationals in the UK to immigration, which resulted in the subsequent horse trading and significantly worse status that we all may face now.

Looking ahead to Phase Two of the talks – if it takes 18 months to produce something this bad then imagine what’s going to happen once citizens’ rights get buried under all the trade arguments about airline slots and fish carcasses.

We urge the European Parliament not to endorse this deal when they vote on it next week in Strasbourg.’

Photo: © European Union , 2017   /   Photo: Etienne Ansotte

19 thoughts on “Response to ‘Sufficient Progress’ report”

  1. TM and her government have betrayed us all right from the start… I am mortified at the continual outcome which will outcast the UK from Europe in my opinion.. the world will refer to this continent as Europe and the UK

  2. As one of the disenfranchised 4.5 million living in the EU I am massively disturbed by this tacit agreement. I still believe it is a simple ruse to get to the trade negotiations and that we, both UK citizens in the EU (I am still an EU citizen by the way) and EU citizens in the UK, are still going to be used as bargaining chips! This is a human disaster in waiting for so many of us! We must employ every means available to stop this dreadful situation and stop Brexit altogether!

  3. How can we trust these politicians who pretend to care but actually don’t , if they gave a damn they would not have used us as bargaining chips for so long .

    1. Politicians are compulsive word twisters, I knew that, however this has gone beyond believe
      Read on

  4. So, now I know how a Palestinian refugee feels.

    No right to move, no right to work, no right to stay, and no right to return if ever I leave. Faced with sub-machine gun totting men in blue at Paris CDG, demanding “papiers” – what exactly do I do ?

    This is your new status fellow “Ex-Pat Brits”, the new “undocumented”, we are now the Mexicans of Europe on the wrong side of the razor wire; pitied, dispossessed and disenfranchised by *our* government in three democratic votes that we had no say in and represented by a “UK Negotiating Team” with the collective intellect of a spaniel.

    And. No, I’m not about to “go home” to sit inside their new 60ft (or should that be 5 poles and a perch) wall with the Border Force peering down from the watch-towers looking inwards.

    Perhaps, it’s time to claim asylum outside the EU parliament, pitch a tent on the tarmac, the UN could set up a soup kitchen, it’s Friday, must be Brown Windsor.

    1. ‘ represented by a “UK Negotiating Team” with the collective intellect of a spaniel.’.

      Spaniels have many times the intelligence and loyalty of the politicians.

      We should have realised that while we thought the original EU offer for citizens’ rights of keeping the status quo was showing genuine interest in their citizens it was actually just another ruse to get the trade talks started because they thought the UK would agree. Both the EU and the UK are equally complicit in this sell-out.

      If the EU parliament are really interested in its citizens they will reject this part of the ‘agreement’ and stand by us. However, I’m not holding my breath.

      Don’t know about anyone else but I am furious that these cretins have treated us so badly. The next opportunity me and my Zimmer will be at any demonstration/riot/protest I can get to ;-((

      1. Hi Mike,
        Yes, you are right, I went too far. I do apologise to spaniels everywhere; and in that spirit the next time I see one, I shall slip it a dental chew, one made in the EU, naturally.

    2. I don’t think it’s as bad as you fear. Your basic existing residence rights will be respected. The right to move between countries has not been taken away, it’s still up for discussion. You’re right, there is a difference now if you leave your home country for an extended period.

  5. A sad day.But,as always,the powers that be will ultimately decide according to their own particular interests.
    The EU and the UK have never taken the basic interests of the common people into consideration,and they do not intend to start now.
    There is more at stake for them than us lowly waifs.

  6. As a British citizen living in germany its a triple whammy really.
    What really riles me is that i wasnt denied the right to vote . This is why the British government dont give a damn about us.
    What happens if my company for example sends me for a few days to another EU country… Cause of this deal i potenially could have problems.
    losing my freedom of movement because of an undemocratic vote (the people who are most effected were not allowed to vote) and having NO MP to express my dissactifaction is a disgrace for the so called “British Democracy”…
    I hope the EU Parliament blocks this sham…..

    1. No, you can visit another EU country, that’s not going to be a problem.

  7. Why is this deal so bad? Residency rights will be respected, and the issue of moving from one EU state has been deferred, rather than rejected. This is a serious question and I would love to get a serious answer. Thanks.

    1. The deal so far is acceptable,but,if we venture along the path of thinking we will be treated with favouritism, compared with other non-EU citizens,then thats the wrong direction.
      We will all have similar rights and responsibilities as any non-EU person at present.
      To expect a different set of rules would be politically and culturally incorrect,it would also require a change in law.

      1. At BiE, we don’t agree that is acceptable for two key reasons (and some others which I won’t go into here):
        1) Free movement is curtailed so anyone who works across borders will not be able to continue. Many of our supporters rely on free movement to earn their livelihoods.
        2) We may need to apply for a residency status similar to the ‘settled status’ floated in the UK.

        Read Steve Peers’ analysis for a deeper understanding of the valid concerns.

        1. Point taken. But if the UK restricts freedom of movement at home,we can expect the same here.
          Whatever the the final decision, the rules will be identical on both sides.

        2. Thanks Kathryn,

          I’ve read Steve Peers’ analysis, it’s very good.

          Which part of the text, or Prof Peers’ analysis, leads you to make point 1?

          You’re right about point 2, but if you have permanent resident documentation this looks like a formality. For someone like me, who has residencia in Spain, but does not qualify for permanent residence, the position is not so clear. I will read Prof Peers’ analysis carefully on this.

  8. So WTF are we going to do?

    Our’s, our children’s and our grandchildren’s futures being ruined by inept fools acting on the dubious results of an insane referendum crafted by parochial xenophobes that we were not even allowed to vote in!

    I am beyond livid!

  9. Does anyone know what we will be doing about health care after this moronic debacle is over? Anyone seen it mentioned anywhere?

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