Draft Withdrawal Agreement – Statement

The European Commission has published the first draft of the agreement for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Links to documents released:
→ Press release: http://europa.eu/!Tg37by
→ Questions and answers: http://europa.eu/!TX97cq
→ Draft Withdrawal Agreement: http://europa.eu/!kQ64wy
→ Negotiating documents http://europa.eu/!kQ64wy

In response, Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe said:

‘The draft Withdrawal Agreement that came out today is mainly a drafting exercise. On the issue of citizens’ rights – or how Brexit affects real people’s lives – it tells us nothing that we didn’t already know in December. That was disappointing then and it’s still disappointing now’.

Contrary to what many UK ministers are saying, it is smoke and mirrors to call citizens’ rights a ‘done deal’ when they are far from sorted.  This text does nothing to allay the fears of thousands of UK nationals in the EU 27 who depend on free movement across member states on a daily basis. In fact, the text states that they won’t keep this right and thus contradicts previous statement from both sides that our lives would continue as normal.

We are also disappointed to hear from Michel Barnier that Theresa May is still refusing to give citizens from the EU27 who move to the UK during the transition the same rights as those who moved before. This position is neither fair nor sustainable and we urge the Prime Minister to reverse this policy.

So, today’s text is just further proof of unfinished business for the people directly affected by Brexit, but in written form’.

Key facts on Brexit and citizens’ rights



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2 thoughts on “Draft Withdrawal Agreement – Statement”

  1. All the more reason that we need to keep on campaigning. Again thanks to all at British in Europe and British in Germany.

  2. I suppose the question really is, just how bad is Brexit going to be for the UK? And how badly divided will the UK remain divided after Brexit (assuming that Brexit occurs)? I remember that you had cast a horoscope for Brexit occurring on March 29th at 11PM GMT (midnight Brussels time). Given that we will now be going into an implementation phase when nothing changes till 31st December 2020 11PM GMT, could you please cast a horoscope for that time? Also, do you see Corbyn becoming Prime Minister any time soon? And will Northern Ireland and Scotland remain a part of the (increasingly dis)United Kingdom?

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