Draft Withdrawal Agreement – BiE comments

Our advocacy team burned the midnight oil last night as they raced to prepare a thorough review of the draft Withdrawal Agreement (WA). At the last minute, the publication of the agenda for today’s technical meeting in Brussels included Citizens’ Rights and it was imperative that the detail was available to both sides of the negotiation.

Generally, BiE publish papers jointly with the3million but with such a difficult deadline, in this instance, both organisations had to submit their own papers. That said, the teams were in communication and the comments in both are broadly in line.

You can read the full BiE paper by opening this pdf:

Feedback from the DExEU lead was appreciative:
“As before, this is high quality and valuable input.”

We need YOUR help to continue to fight for Citizens’ Rights. Every euro helps us to continue to produce high quality arguments and ensure that the futures of British citizens in the EU
are not forgotten.

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6 thoughts on “Draft Withdrawal Agreement – BiE comments”

  1. You rights and those of The 3 Million are so important. Standing with you all Thanking all the hardworking volunteers and members who show so much courage and spirit

    1. Thank you Emma, we do appreciate your support here and elsewhere 🙂

  2. Very very well done in the time available people. I really do salute your tireless effort

    1. Thank you for your support Nigel, it is much appreciated.

  3. Most impressive analysis. I’m also really pleased to see your comments about third country nationals (para 71). I was alarmed by a communication some months ago by Sabine Weyand where she more or less said (re FOM) ‘what’s all the fuss about, you’ll have rights already as third country nationals’. Rights, maybe, but not the SAME rights! The TCN Directive as originally drafted did not anticipate the current situation with a large group of people who have acquired rights as EU citizens.

    1. Yes, we were too and have spent some time looking in detail at the differences. After all, if TCN rights were so good, why bother with becoming EU citizens?

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