5 thoughts on “Where does the March 18 agreement leave me?”

  1. What about our right to vote in local elections, apply for public sector employment and continue memberhip of a politica party? I’m obviously referring the Spain.

  2. Just got to 65 after serving this Government for 50 years, only to find out I may now have to sell up and leave the home I have loved and worked for over the last 40 years.

    When will someone think about the little man who will face the same problem. If I have to return to the UK with a German wife who will also be one of the EU citizens having to then try and settle in the Uk, even though she has been married to British Soldier and Civil Servant for over46 years.

  3. Currently a UK citizen who worked in the UK and other EU countries retires in the EU, their pension will be calculated on the basis of all years contributions regardless of country. However, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, each pension from different countries would be treated separately. This can lead to a loss of thousands of Euro per year in reduced pension income!

  4. Been living for 5 years in mainland europe without any issues. About to marry a dutch citizen but worried about how we will travel when my passport is suddenly not an EU one.

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