Freedom of Movement Survey Results

We carried out a survey on the importance of  Freedom of Movement (FoM) amongst our supporters in May 2018. Over 3 000 people responded.

It is clear that a significant proportion of British in Europe rely on FoM to carry out their daily lives, while others have future plans dependent on FoM.  FoM is also consistently seen as important when considering the opportunities available to children.

The full details can be read here:

The pdf is available for download here:


One thought on “Freedom of Movement Survey Results”

  1. And according to the Paris British Embassy ( Perigueux outreach meeting today) this topic, at the EUs insistence is part of negotiations on the future, not for inclusion in the Withdrawal Treaty…..if we even get that far and don’t end up with a no deal car crash exit in March 2019, in which event the inference is that there are no contingency plans to help us Brits in Europe as the Embassy people refused to comment on that, more than once.

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