Raab appointment as Secretary of State for DExEU

Responding to the appointment of Dominic Raab as Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe said:

‘If Mr Raab wishes to stamp his own mark on this new job from Day One he could differentiate himself from David Davis by inviting British in Europe and the3million to a meeting to discuss what Brexit means for the 4.6mn people directly and immediately affected by it.

However, along with our colleagues in the3million, we also think that this kind of uncertainty and changeover this late in the game increases the danger of a no deal Brexit. While some Conservative MPs seem to think this outcome is preferable to a bad deal, it would cause havoc and disruption for the 1.3mn British nationals living on the continent as well as around 3mn EU citizens in the UK.

We don’t know what David Davis’s resignation means for our citizens’ rights in the long term but in the short term it is unhelpful and unsettling.

We also need to know more about the Cabinet proposal agreed on Friday and how it would affect our rights, not least free movement which, the Chequers’ deal clearly states will come to an end.

For more information about where the EU Withdrawal Agreement leaves UK citizens in the EU 27 please click here.

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One thought on “Raab appointment as Secretary of State for DExEU”

  1. Its about time we started hammering the point home that 3 million brits were DENIED a vote and telling this government its NOT a democratic vote and try to get a new referendum.
    I hope the court challenge from the 5th of July on the basis that Ex Pats were denied a vote does get another hearing and maybe get Brexit stopped.
    worst is noone (in germany ) can even say what will happen to my status after 29th of March.
    As i work for a local council i tried to get some advice .
    Worst is every city(Kreis/Stadt) has different interpretations.
    Too that through a government act in 2002 in Germany the Permanent residency papers are not valid anymore!
    The uncertainty is stressfull and this government (Mrs Merkel too tbh) dont simply care!
    i personally feel abandoned by all parties even though i was DENIED a vote!

    Oh to add to injury it seems i have no MP.
    Where i was last registered to vote he only replies to people who LIVE there … (IOW Bob Seely)

    This is dictatorship not democracy……..

    To topic this was brewing for ages and sad as an englishman i should be enjoying the world cup but mine and many ex pats are more worried than before about a no deal.
    I think the government will collapse soon and with a uncertain outcome

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