Join BiE at the London march on 20 Oct. 2018

The British in Europe Steering Committee, along with many members from our groups right across the EU27, attended the first People’s Vote march in London on 23 June 2018 to raise awareness of our outstanding issues and also to campaign for all British citizens living in the EU, and EU citizens living in the UK, to have the right to vote in any ‘People’s Vote’ referendum on a final deal. It was a very successful day, and we now have strong support for our issues from the People’s Vote team.

Another – hopefully even larger – march is planned in London for Saturday 20 October 2018 – just a couple of days after the crucial October EUCO summit. We will be there once again, and we warmly invite all British in Europe, along with your friends and families (whether in the EU or in the UK) to join with us and march under our banners. We’d love to meet you.


3 thoughts on “Join BiE at the London march on 20 Oct. 2018”

  1. Would like to participate in your actions against the UK leaving the European Union.
    It has to be the biggest financial and cultural suicide in history. Lead by bigots and people not telling the truth the leave compaign makes me feel ashamed of British democracy and honesty.
    We need to vote again because the first vote did not make it clear what Brexit really meant.
    I hope Farage and Johnson suffer the same economic problems as those Brits living abroad are suffering. Why does nobody publish figures?

  2. Great – thanks for your support Neil. We look forward to meeting you there!

  3. I’ve already booked my flights, for a day trip, from Romania to London, so that I’ll be able to join this march. The uncertainties, and the worst case scenarios, are totally unacceptable.

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