Joint paper issued with the3million

British in Europe and the3million remain deeply concerned that citizens’ rights are still far from being truly ‘safeguarded’. More will need to be done in the final phase of the negotiations in order to protect citizens’ rights under the draft Withdrawal Agreement (WA) published in March 2018. However, this will all be in vain in the event of a No Deal cliff-edge scenario, which would leave us without any legal status at all. Regrettably, there seems to be no contingency plan either in the EU or in the UK for this eventuality.

​the3million and British in Europe have repeatedly called for the final agreement on citizens’ rights to be ring-fenced from the rest of the WA so that it may come into force regardless of the outcome of the negotiations. Download the full paper sent to both UK and EU parties…

3 thoughts on “Joint paper issued with the3million”

  1. Thank You. In the interest of compassion and understanding it is time for us to be allowed some peace of mind. The mental torture has been allowed to continue too long.

    1. Totally agree with you Barry. My heart goes out to all of us in this dreadful position and pray for an end to this uncertainty and anguish.

  2. I am a 75 old woman. I am British and I live in Spain. disailities. Can you imagine the torture? enough is enough please

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