A date for your diary – watch this space!

What are we talking about? Come back tomorrow and find out …. (No, we’re not blowing up the Houses of Parliament. But there just may be a clue in the picture!)

5 thoughts on “A date for your diary – watch this space!”

  1. “a clue in the picture”


    You’re relocating the houses of parliament to the area on the bridge highlighted by the red arrow?

    Worth a shot.

  2. Its actually going to happen, everything agreed, no new ref? Bad news for us? Yes, somehow i think its news that we are well and totally screwed. So hoping not….

  3. Sian, nothing is yet agreed (or not agreed) … the next couple of months are crucial with the October summit and quite likely an extraordinary summit in November. We’re working as hard as we can during this period and hope to get as many of our members and supporters engaged too. Please don’t give up hope – everything is still possible. Please do stick with it (and us).

  4. Remember, remember the 5th of November.

    We all know how the rest goes. And given that we’ve many of us been labelled traitors….

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