Open letter to Theresa May 21 September 2018



British in Europe has written to Theresa May, following her speech this afternoon from Downing Street. While she stated that the rights of EU citizens in the UK would be protected in the event of no deal, and also gave a mention to Northern Ireland, she made no mention at all of British citizens in the EU – not even an acknowledgement of our existence. In our letter we express to her our feelings about this.

Read the whole letter here: Theresa May letter 21 September

UPDATE: A response dated 15 Oct was received on 24 Oct at our Paris offer. Read it in full here.

Theresa May response to letter

23 thoughts on “Open letter to Theresa May 21 September 2018”

  1. I think the UK government and opposition are disgusting and a total embarrassment as over the last 19 years or so everything has been about party politics and not what’s best for the country. NHS, Transport, immigration, and now the EU. It seems us living in the EU as British citizens mean nothing. The EU have right from you the start wanted citizens rights as a too priority and UK have done nothing. Lies and deception with spin to the UK public always blaming EU for everything. Disgusted

    1. I agree with you. The Brexit Madness started to solve an intern Tory-fight. White EU was caring from the start about the rights of EU citizen in UK Westminster was totally neglecting the rights of UK people living in other EU parts. No deal means a Schengen visum: £ 60 and two visits at an ambassy to present a visum-brief and a passportfoto. No more than 90 days.

    2. I think you will find that her majesty’s opposition is clear that citizens’ rights should be maintained on both sides. It’s only the government who think being unpleasant to foreigners is a vote winner they are prepared to use, and simply lack the bandwidth or competence to care about Brits abroad.

      1. What opposition ? Haven’t heard much of any use from Corbyn other than just to criticise TM. If there was a decent opposition voice then we might have some options now.

  2. Insult to injury – not only are not allowed to vote in a referendum which concerns us profoundly but we are being totally ignored as to our future. For the UK government we do not or no longer exist. I am ashamed of my country of birth and its cavalier treatment of its citizens.

  3. Very upset about the path that the UK is taking. It will deeply reverse the joint efforts of decades and benefits of the EU. As an English living overseas this is devastating and backwards. Unbelievable situation especially for the ones with families and lives outside the UK. I oppose and request the Prime Minister to seek better options for all. English in and outside the UK.

  4. What on Earth is May playing at with Chequers deal? Literally *no one* wants it. Not remain, leave or EU27. So who came up with it? And why is it the govt position if it’s the worst of all worlds?

    Deliberate ploy to get no deal IMO.

  5. Although the UK chose to leave and knew from the beginning that the EU rules would not permit any cherry picking, Mrs. May has taken on an aggressive stance now that this has been made clear to her. Thank you for writing this letter because she has forgotten us, not that the Government ever cared as those of us who have been away for more than 15 years were not allowed to vote in the EU Referendum. This was not democratic. They want to give us back our votes in General Elections but not in an eventual Second People’s Vote on Brexit now that the choice is clear between No Deal and staying in the EU. I think the EU leaders have shown patience and respect whereas our Government has shown arrogance rather than respect in expecting the EU to change it’s rules even though the UK chose to leave.

  6. Even though we have all chosen to live in another country within the eu, we are still, and want to remain, British, yet like so many of us, we feel totally let down, and forgotten! Why we were not allowed to vote is totally unbelievable, yet we will all bear the brunt of what the so called democratic public chose, without once thinking of us! To be in a kind of limbo is now affecting many people’s health, and yet no one is mentioning what the impact would be on the U.K. , if we were all expected to return! We only want what was originally agreed, that the U.K.would honour European citizens living there, which would be reciprocated in the eu countries we have choses to live!

  7. Mrs May’s concept of treating the EU with “respect” seems to be very different to my own. They’ve spent the last two years agreeing one thing with the EU, then rushing home to say “we didn’t mean that,” or “we didn’t agree to that …” Add in the insulting epithets, the constant stream of accusations that the EU is not being flexible or obstructive, plus the constant attempts to do dirty little individual deals behind M. Barnier’s back, and “respect” is not the word our European partners would associate with it.

    The current demand that the EU grant access to the Single Market without membership of the Customs Union, and with some sort of “magic unicorn” solution to the customs issues has been politely rejected, and now Mr Raab wants a detailed explanation of why? It was rejected from Day 1 and I think if he actually bothered to ask for transcripts of the discussions between the various civil servants he would have discovered they have given extensive explanations, though these are probably regarded as “technical detail” and therefore unworthy of consideration by a Minister. The real problem with this impasse is that the Leave Campaign and all those associated with it, promised a Brexit which was never possible and redicated on the EU collapsing in ruins at the mere threat of Brexit. It hasn’t and now the Brexiteers, having no plan of their own, are content to stand on the Back Benches and demand the delivery of the Brexit they promised.

    M. Macron has probably been undiplomatic, but I think he may be absolutely correct in his assessment.

    1. I also agree with President Macron about the lies we have been told. The Prime Minister asks for respect from the EU when she herself showed no respect for the EU negotiators by going behind their backs to try and gain support from the leaders of other EU countries! She has ignored the Brits living in France but is quite happy to continue to have us pay taxes on pensions etc without giving us the right to vote or to receive a winter fuel allowance! She voted to Remain herself so why on earth is she negotiating to leave – it makes no sense!

  8. I have watched you in total despair as you dragged our once respected Country into this total and inexcusable mess. All for the sake of the Tory Party and hanging onto power like grim death. Families forever divided. Neighbours at each others’ throats. An uncaring hostile attitude to people who have lived here peacefully often for most of their lives. Vilified although they are legally here and contribute hugely to the UK. Not to forget the over one million of UK citizens the ‘citizens of nowhere’, that poisonous phrase you used to describe those of us living legally within other parts of the EU, now being used as ‘bargaining chips’ by you and your hand picked bunch of incompetents. Shame on you and your Party, may you never ever get into power again. Bunch of self serving traitors the lot of you.

    1. Well said. My opinion entirely. Someday we may be written about in history books but we’re forgotten fallout for now.

  9. Probably dreamed up by the DUP, who are insisting she sticks with it “or else”

  10. How dare Mrs May talk about the EU ‘disrespecting’ the UK. That is very rich coming from a member of the nasty party (so named by her) who for decades has ‘disrespected’ the EU aided and abetted by a gutter press. How ridiculous she was in her terminator style speech, clad in black glaring and gurning like Clint Eastwood on speed. Brexit is an absolute disaster for the UK, brought about by red clawed, swivel-eyed Jonnie Foreigner loathers who persuaded swathes of folk by playing on their basest of instincts & issuing calumnies at every turn. The UK will be damaged both economically and socially & will become a Walmart, chlorinated chicken tax haven (the EU is working at last to tackle the latter) with poor environmental & safety standards. For my own part, my husband who worked and lived in the UK for 36 years (we now live in Italy) will have to apply for a visa to visit our beloved daughter and grandchildren. He has already been treated with ‘disrespect’ at Gatwick Airport – a snidey remark about his identity card & mutterings about Brexit. I duly reported border control for all the good that will do. It has caused rifts in our family…close members voted to leave which saddened me & has made things uncomfortable. I don’t recognise my country of birth anymore.

    1. Me neither! It’s not the country I left and one I don’t want to be forced back too! Our disgusting government are shameless liars ! Not even discreet liars !

  11. We are not migrants. Our presence here on the European Mainland is as British Citizens exercising our right to freely establish ourselves anywhere in our European Homeland as easily as we could have done so on the British Isles. We are not Gammon Expats but free EU citizens.

  12. The thing that is becoming very worrying is that this is not the first time the UK government have ignored it’s citizens living in Europe in relation to brexit. One could be forgiven for thinking that we are of low value and simply too much bother, when in fact a government should put its citizens first. Whilst the 3 millions rights are of course important, there is nothing more important than a country being seen to have a genuine and deep rooted desire to protect its own. The world looks on with sadness towards Great Britain who appear to have abandoned their citizens living in Europe, leaving them out to dry. Hardly a compassionate and thoughtful example to others.

  13. Clearly the Article 50 economic suicide note needs to be torn up. No one benefits from this lunacy. When did we last see this sort of manipulation of the public? Who is set to benefit? A well written book with a timely reminder from recent history

  14. I am also very angry at the Bundesregierung too.
    There is absolute NO plans to protect our rights in an event of a no deal .
    Why isnt BIG not pressing the german government to at least give us a Aufenthaltstitel if there is no deal after the 29th of March.
    even the French government is preparing to give British citizens a “court de jour”

    i have written to my MdB Wiebke Edsar and was very angry at the answers i am getting.
    Basically they are shifting the blame to the EU and not doing NOTHING for us.And was wioshed luck hello which planet are we living on.
    Mrs May its no surprise too.She only cares about staying in power and to add insult to injury many of us were not allowed to vote yet totally disregareds us.
    And the British Consulate is a joke too. The meeting in Paderbon wasnt even given a chance to register on the 19th of September and sorry BIG there never seems to be any support or meetings in the Ostwestfalen area when many many Brits do actually live (alone in Bielefeld 2200!).
    I feel abandoned by everyone and starting to be genuinley worried what will happen after 29th of March…

  15. In May’s letter of 19th December 2017 to UK Citizens living in the other EU27 countries, she state protecting our rights is her first priority (joke).

    If it is, then our rights would have been ring fenced independently of a deal.

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