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It’s been over two years since the EU referendum, and as March 2019 draws closer the many months of negotiations might still come to nothing if the EU and the UK don’t reach an agreement on Brexit.

Enough is enough – we need the UK government and the EU to honour the commitments already made to us during the negotiations, no matter what.  We are campaigning, alongside our friends the3million, which represents EU citizens in the UK, for the UK government and the EU to commit now to ring-fencing and implementing the citizens’ rights part of the Withdrawal Agreement under Article 50 – no matter what the outcome on Brexit.

It is inconceivable for millions of us to have to wait, not knowing for sure whether our legal status will be backed by a Withdrawal Agreement or not. That’s why we need thousands of you to take part in the e-lobby to make sure that MPs understand not just what’s at stake but the strength of our feelings about it.

It’s simple to take part in the e-lobby, and it will take you no more than 20 minutes. All the resources you need  are further down this page.

How to take part in the Last Mile e-lobby … in four simple steps

1.​Find out which MP to write to, and get their contact details
Find the MP whose constituency covers the last address you lived in when you were in the UK. Don’t worry if you’re no longer on the electoral register because of the 15 year rule – write to this MP regardless. Or if you have a strong family connection – for example, a parent – living in the UK, use their address.

​Find your MP here, by entering the postcode or constituency: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/​.
Or use this spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/MPSpreadsheet. ​

2.​Register for the e-lobby
Registration helps us find out how many people are taking part and which constituencies have been covered.Registration is simple, and free – you will be offered the chance to make a donation towards the lobby costs, which would be much appreciated but is not compulsory. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive confirmation and then a further email with more details.Please register here: ​https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brexit-the-last-mile-citizens-lobby-tickets-50144376179

3.​Send an email to your MP 
We’ve prepared a template for you to use as the basis of your email or letter. While we suggest that you spend a bit of time making it your own, on this occasion it’s very important to make sure that the main points on ring-fencing and the invitation to support and sign the pledge remain unaltered and uncut.

If you’re a Twitter user, tweet a copy of your letter to your MP if you can as well to increase the chances of reaching them – turn it into a PDF to do this easily. You’ll find MPs’ Twitter handles on this spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/MPSpreadsheet. ​

4. Send us a copy of any reply you receive from your MP
We’d like to capture any replies that you receive from your MP; please forward any personal responses you receive (not holding replies or autoreplies) to bielobby@gmail.com.

Don’t be discouraged or disheartened if you don’t get a personal response – it certainly doesn’t mean that your letter has been ignored. The most important aspect of this lobby is asking your MPs to support ring-fencing and sign the pledge to do so.

We’re also collecting separately via the pledge form the names and constituencies of all MPs who sign the pledge and will be posting these on the British in Europe website as well as on social media.


Want to go ‘the extra mile’? Find a friend

One way we can double the impact of this vital campaign is for everyone to enlist the help of at least one friend or relative who still lives in the UK, and ask them to contact their MP directly to ask for their support for The Last Mile campaign.

MPs need to know that those living in the UK are also deeply concerned about the rights of British citizens in the EU, and they will only do that if they hear directly from those living in their constituency.​ So please help us by asking at least one friend or member of your family to take part. Just point them to this page to show them how, or suggest that they visit their MP at their surgery.

6 thoughts on “Take part in the e-lobby”

  1. Like many other UK expats, I had no say in the referendum! Tony Blair took away our votes after 15 years outside the UK. We feel disenfranchised and betrayed by the UK government.

    A second referendum should be in order and a vote given to ALL UK citizens outside the UK.

  2. Thank you so much for organising this, the same goes to Kalpa at RIFT, you have given us all so much time and energy where some of us are less capable to participate fully. Thank you!!

  3. My last UK constituency MP is Robin Walker – I have written to him, pointing out a mutual acquaintance (and key political supporter of his), and reminding him that he has a duty to his constituents, however I think it is highly unlikely that he will do anything. But he has a nice big e-mail parked in his inbox, so fingers crossed!

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