Letter to President Tusk & Heads of State

Following the voting down of the draft deal in the UK Parliament, the3million and British in Europe have written to President Tusk and the EU Heads of States this morning.

“We ask the EU and the UK to sign and implement under Article 50 the citizens’ rights part of the Withdrawal Agreement now, or at least to commit now unequivocally in a joint political statement that this will be done prior to Brexit coming into force3.

The Council and its Member States can still choose to take action before 30 March 2019 and ensure that five million EU citizens, who have simply exercised their free movement rights to build a better EU, are not penalised for this. ”

Read in full here.

6 thoughts on “Letter to President Tusk & Heads of State”

  1. I am still totally bemused that so many peple were misled by the lies that were given to them.
    Now that a little more is understood about brexit, we should have a second referendum , one that is not based on lies and scaremongering.

  2. The Withdrawal Agreement does not cover all of the rights that we have at the moment e.g Future spouses, the free right to marry partner from non EU country. This means single Brits, widowed or divorced will not be able to have non EU partner( including British) live with them in host country in the future.

    1. Hi Kevin – we are fighting to retain all our rights including the right of return with current spouses (Surinder Singh). We regularly bring up the topic of rights of future spouses. What action are you undertaking that you would like us to support?

      1. Hi Kathryn, thanks for all your work for BiE. I have a question related to Kevin’s comment: do you know what will happen to the rights of cohabiting partners of UK citizens after Brexit? In my case, I live in Belgium and my partner and I will soon apply for a cohabition visa. During the application process (with the Orange Card) and then with the visa, partners of EU citizens have the right to work, but partners of non-EU citizens don’t. What’s the latest from the EU on this, and what is the UK doing to lobby for our partners to keep this right? My partner has a working holiday visa until August but she’s flying back to Korea next week to get all the documents she needs so that we can apply as a cohabiting couple before 29th March – not knowing but just hoping that that will let her retain the right to work. We’ve been in a relationship for two years and have been living together now since I started my new job in Brussels in August, so we meet the prerequisite for applying for a cohabition visa here (relationship of 2 years) but not in the UK (2 years of living together) -and part of the reason why we moved to Belgium was so that we could both work!

    2. To be fair that’s not even a right in the UK. As my friends unable to return to the UK with their non-EU spouses would attest to.

      Earnings of 26,000 (whether € or £) a year are unrealistic for many people.

      This doesn’t mean I disagree with you, just pointing it out.

  3. Representation across the whole continent…… including Norway????
    I am a UK pensioner living in Spain with a son (UK national), living and working in Oslo. All Brits also in Norway will be affected by Brexit but I see no mention of that here?
    Personally, how will my son (UK passport) be affected when wanting to visit me in Spain or if I want to travel to Oslo as I have done easily in the past.

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