Letter to PM re Healthcare & Pensions – 31 Jan ’19

In response to the revelations by the UK Government that in the case of no-deal the S1 scheme will end and that pension upgrades would similarly be under threat, we have today written to the Prime Minister and both Amber Rudd and Matt Hancock…

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14 thoughts on “Letter to PM re Healthcare & Pensions – 31 Jan ’19”

  1. Theresa May and her Government guaranteed the rights of pensioners living within the E.U.27 at the point of exit from the E.U.
    Has she now gone back on her promise? Because if that’s indeed the case, then let’s hope that the U.K. is capable of sustaining a mass return of its Citizens from the Bloc.

  2. Thank you so much for representing us and fighting for our rights. We never imagined a scenario like this to bring such fear and worry in later life. I myself am trying to get work (I am 66 ) but I also paint and my husband is a sculptor (88 yrs ) and still works but does need healthcare for his prostate cancer. Our income is limited and we rely on our pensions like so many others and in moving to our own house in France which we have always been interested in, was our plan in order NOT to have to rely on UK government benefits in order to pay our rent and council tax. So if there are many others in this situation we are saving UK Gov much money?
    Thank you again, Susan Kendall

  3. Thank you both & your Teams for un – ending
    attention striving for all these Uk Pensioners residing in the EU.

  4. I would dearly love to think that she will listen, I doubt very much that she would even read the letter as it is my understanding that all letters are read and answered my minions. Eight years ago I had major heart surgery in Caen and now I am a diabetic, so I think that my chances of survival are negligible.

  5. Please remember the pensioners that travel to and from UK and . Eu with pets and will not be in the UK when and if Brexit happens

  6. Can you give me the link that that says the EU has confirmed the S1 ending after 29th March in the event of a no deal please? Nowhere have I seen this written?

    1. Yesterday’s EU press release makes clear that it does not include “the continuous provision of sickness benefits in kind”, which is EU wording for healthcare. The existing scheme is all covered by Reg. 883/2004/EC, which includes the healthcare provision. See also the link to the draft Regulation, recital (2) of which makes clear that the system will no longer apply – https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/com-2019-53_en.pdf

  7. Thank you for the carefully constructed letter and absence of evident bias in the current UK political quagmire.

  8. Excellent letter, I would have added the fact that many of us pensioners who would have to return to the UK would of course require housing, as there are a lot of people like myself who rent in Spain and are too old to secure a mortgage.

    Thankyou for representing those of us living in the EU.

  9. Excellent letter. Thank you for your effort and iniative.

  10. Thank You, I am one of the many pensioners living in Spain not being able to sleep at night worrying myself sick about my healthcare, pension and residency rights.
    None of us deserve this… we’ve not done anything wrong, why can’t you give us some assurance ?

    Gareth in Spain.

  11. Another point is that UK pensioners abroad cannot claim any benefits from UK saving government money.
    All those forced to return to keep pension and healthcare will also be able to claim all other applicable benefits.

    1. Thank you souch for the excellent work you are doing…..Many of us living in the EU DID express concern about the rights of UK pensioners and in fact all UK citizens living in the EU but it seemed to cause little concern in the UK….With your help this could be changing.

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