Rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement

Responding to the House of Commons’ third rejection of Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, Jane Golding, Co-Chair of British in Europe said:

‘Yesterday, Michel Barnier said that ring-fencing 5 million people’s citizens’ rights in the event of a no deal Brexit was a ‘distraction’ from securing a withdrawal agreement.

Today’s House of Commons should give him and the EU 27 urgent pause for thought.

As for the House of Commons: they have got to make their minds up on Monday. After rejecting May’s deal for the third time, they really need to put an end to the uncertainty and confusion.

But 1.3 mn UK citizens living on the continent can’t wait for this to happen, with another cliff-edge looming and still no clarity about what the next steps might be.

Since landing slots and Dover tailbacks get the most ‘No deal’ attention, we are happy to dress up as planes and haulage trucks if it gets the EU 27 to focus on real people and the nightmare that a crashing out Brexit poses for us.

Once again we call on the EU and the UK to ringfence the hard won citizens’ rights part of the withdrawal agreement now, before all the good work ends up in the bin and it’s too late to take real people’s lives’ off the negotiating table.’