Open letter to all candidates for the Conservative Party leadership

This week we wrote to all candidates standing for the Conservative party leadership reminding them of their responsibility to the 5 million citizens who have no guarantees of a secure future:

“Healing a divided country will be uppermost in your mind as you think about your first, key decisions if you become Prime Minister. There is one easy decision that you could make to build a positive future for Britain: to honour the promises that citizens’ rights would be protected in a fair and meaningful way.

British in Europe and the3million represent over five million people who still have no guarantee that their futures are secure after nearly three years. By acting swiftly, you can finally give them certainty and moral support. You can make sure that there will never be a Windrush-style scandal for EU citizens
by supporting our “registration, not application” proposal for a new immigration status after Brexit. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it would also send a strong signal to EU27 countries as they consider the systems they put in place for UK citizens in their countries.”

Download the full letter here: Letter to Conservative candidates.