France Rights

France Rights – BiE in France

A new platform has been set up to represent the coalition group ‘British in Europe’ in France, and to gather together all the information and resources that are relevant to the citizens’ rights of UK nationals living in France after Brexit.

Developed by Kalba Meadows and Kathryn Dobson, France Rights is a core member of British in Europe. Both Kathryn and Kalba are members of the British in Europe steering committee.

Kalba Meadows explains: “As we approach the denouement of the Brexit process – whatever that will be – it’s clear that France is a key country in that process; it’s also the most complex in the EU26  in terms of the future registration of resident UK nationals. So it’s important that we keep our eye very closely on the ‘French ball’, while at the same time continuing to work within the main British in Europe group on a pan European level.”

Kathryn Dobson adds: “As members of the British in Europe steering team and ourselves French residents, we recognised the need to quickly share quality information to as wide an audience as possible. combines Kalba’s citzens’ rights expertise with my proven ability to reach Brits across France to help to fill the information vacuum that is leaving many residents worried.”

A comprehensive website that covers all aspects of citizens’ rights in France – it’s here that you’ll find the nitty gritty of all the information on your rights here in France, from legal residence to health care and more. All the information on the website is legally based and updated regularly. You can find it here:

For those times when new information comes in fast, there is also a news update blog so you will receive the news more quickly and before the main website is updated. Find that here:

A public page will bring you news and information on citizens’ rights in France and direct news from the main British in Europe group. It will also be focusing on some of the things you need to know with a series of ‘article’ type posts, and there are plan to run a regular Q and A so you can ask your questions. Plus, you will be updated on campaigning and advocacy activities, with particular reference to how they affect residents in France.
And, no doubt, there will be more …!