EP resolution

the3million and BiE disappointed with EP resolution

Citizens’ rights groups  the3million and British in Europe disappointed with EP resolution

Following the European Parliament resolution adopted yesterday, it is sad to see that there is a resolution but no solution. The European Parliament has made no concrete suggestions about how to ensure that the rights of five million citizens will be protected, whether there is a deal or not.

The continuous reassurances from both the British government and the European Commission that citizens’ rights are the priority and that we will be properly looked after have not translated into reality.

The only way to prove that the UK and the EU want to safeguard our rights is to carve out all the sections about citizens’ rights agreed in the Withdrawal Agreement and ring-fence them under Art. 50, before any UK exit with No Deal.

If an extension is granted, the EU must agree to ring-fencing at the very beginning of the extension period to give time for the necessary steps to be taken.  This agreement would be conditional.  It would never come into effect if there were either a full Withdrawal Agreement or if there were no Brexit.

The time for warm words is long over. The European Parliament and the EU institutions owe a duty of care to their own citizens, and they should now agree to take citizens’ rights out of the political arena, taking steps to ring-fence them come what may.  There is no other way of protecting them.

For more information on ring-fencing and the3million please go to https://www.the3million.org.uk/international-treaty