BiE and t3m Presentation to AFCO

On Tuesday 8 October Jane Golding, co-chair of British in Europe, and Dimitri Scarlato from the3million were invited to present to AFCO, the influential Constitutional Affairs committed chaired by Antonio Tajani.

This is the second visit to the committee, the last one was in November 2017.

Both speakers challenged MEPs to stand up for our rights having promised much over the past 2 years. Given the threat of an imminent no-deal Brexit, they stressed that the time to safeguard rights is now and that if an extension is agreed, ring fencing our rights needs to be a priority.

MEPs, including Guy Verhofstadt, listened to the speeches and responded with their own testimonies and pledges. You can watch the full meeting here.

Watch the full speech below or read the transcript of the speech here.


Pre-meeting, from L to R:

Christian Allard MEP, Jane Golding (BiE), Dimitri Scarlato (t3m), Jude Kirton-Darling (MEP), Monique Hawkins (t3m)