Jeremy Morgan gives evidence to House of Lords committee

Jeremy Morgan QC, vice-chair of British in Europe was invited to present evidence to the House of Lords EU Justice Committee on 22 October 2019. Given the scope of the committee, the evidence he provided was focused on the areas that are in the gift of the UK:

  1. Continued uprating of UK state pensions.
  2. Continued provision of EU reciprocal healthcare.
  3. Retention of existing right of UK citizens returning to the UK to bring their families with them.
  4. Retention of rights re student fees and finance for UK citizens resident in the EU.
  5. Government policy and messaging about EUinUK.
  6. Communication campaigns.

Read the full evidence submitted HERE.

Watch the evidence session HERE.

In response to the issues raised, Lord Morris, Chair of the EU Justice Sub-Committee, wrote to James Duddridge, Under Secretary of State at DExEU:

“The situation, as it stands, means that many UK citizens have now
lived in a state of anxiety and uncertainty for several years. Many UK nationals moved to the EU several decades ago and did so with a reasonable expectation that the rights to which they were then entitled would not be subsequently removed without due notice and consultation…”

Read the letter in full HERE.



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