#DeniedMyVote – How to Sue

DENIED YOUR VOTE IN THE EU ELECTIONS IN THE UK? Read this legal guide on how to sue.

If you are one of the many people who was unable to vote in the UK in the EU elections (but not because of the 15 year rule) and would like to consider suing those responsible, look at this guide on how to sue. It was commissioned by British in Europe from Bindmans Solicitors and was paid for from the money raised by crowd funding to investigate possible litigation (as well as a generous helping of Bindmans’ time that was given free).



Template: Letter before Claim

Template: Particulars of Claim

It is very long but it does give you an essential step-by-step guide to decide whether you might have a claim and on how to sue if you decide to do so. It includes a standard form letter of claim and legal claim form which you can download and adapt to your own case, as well as some other forms that you might need.

The Guide is very full and should give you all the information you need. If you want any further advice, unfortunately British in Europe cannot give it as we are not registered to do so and do not have the necessary insurance. Section 1.18 of the Guide contains suggestions as to where you might look if you do want legal advice, but you will see that Bindmans themselves are not able to give free advice.

Finally, British in Europe would be interested to hear from anyone who does decide to write a letter of claim or actually issue proceedings, both to give us an idea of the number of people who claim and to learn of the response from the defendants and the eventual result.

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