Withdrawal Agreement Guides

Withdrawal Agreement: BiE Guides 1-6

British in Europe is the organisation of reference on citizens’ rights for UK nationals in the EU. Since 2017 we have been recognised by the British government, the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament as trusted interlocutors, meeting secretaries of state, ministers in member states and key EU and British officials. Our ten-person Steering Team has campaigned jointly with the3million, which represents EU27 citizens in the UK. Together, we have pressed to keep our existing rights and to prevent Brexit from destroying the lives and families we have created whilst exercising those rights.

With our legal expertise and our grassroots understanding we are in a unique position to explain the detail held within the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) on Citizens’ Rights. We provide this information to all, free of charge, because we believe that everyone should understand their rights and what the real impact of the WA will be on those of us who live in the EU and our families. However, we do not receive any funding and so we ask everyone who finds our advocacy and information provision helpful to support us with a donation.

Following the publication of the WA, BiE issued a series of explanatory guides which are free to read and download. These are legally checked and written in language that we can all understand. There are 6 in total which can be read below:

1) Introduction to the WA

2) Residence rights and procedures

3) Health care, pensions and social security

4) Working rights, professional qualifications and family reunification

5) What’s not covered by the WA

6) Frequently asked questions