Comments on the Guidance Note

British in Europe and the3million welcome the EC Guidance Note on the Withdrawal Agreement (WA). It provides helpful clarification and guidance concerning the implementation of the provisions of the WA in the EU27 (and the UK) and their application to UK citizens in the EU (“UKinEU”) and EU citizens in the UK (“EUinUK”).

While primarily aimed at officials, the clear explanations and the
practical examples also provide assistance for those groups following and monitoring closely the implementation of the WA, such as the3million and British in Europe.

This comments paper has been written by the advocacy teams who have accompanied the negotiations from their very first day, to:

1) cover issues that are not dealt with in the Guidance Note and where they consider that guidance is critical, and
2) to raise questions and requests for clarification as regards the drafting of the Guidance Note itself.

The paper is primarily aimed at those individuals who are looking for detailed analysis of the Guidance Note. Alongside this analysis British in Europe is publishing  a series of guides which explain the information contained within the Guidance Note in a way that is accessible for British citizens concerned about their future rights. The first of these guides can be found here.

The full paper can be read here:

Link to download paper

The drafting and publication of these expert papers takes hundreds of hours from a team which receives no funding from the UK Government or EU organisations. Please support us so we can continue to protect the rights of British nationals in the EU as well as keep them informed.