British in Europe activities 2019


January 2019


9th January   Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding met with the head of Berliner Ausländerbehörde

12th January   Deputy Chair BiE, Jeremy Morgan attended a public meeting in Turin organised by British in Europe

14th January Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding gave evidence at the German Bundestag Europaausschuss Hearing

14th January   Deputy Chair BiE, Jeremy Morgan and British in Italy attended a Press Conference in Milan organised by Partito Democratico and Forza Italia.

18th January Deputy Chair, BiE, Jeremy Morgan attended the Danish Parliament with representatives of the3million and the organisation Danes Worldwide.

21st January  Co-Chair BiE, Fiona Godfrey and  a representative of the3million spoke at the Petitions Committee, Brussels.

23rd January Co-Chairs, BiE Jane Golding and Fiona Godfrey along with Deputy Chair BiE Jeremy Morgan,  were in Brussels to meet,  John Watson, Director SG.E responsible for Brexit Contingency, Julie Francois – Article 50 Task Force and MEPs Barbara Splinelli and Claude Moraes.

25th January   Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding did a television interview with CNN.

31st January  Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding participated in a  Brexit panel discussion with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Erfurt,  Seb Dance MEP and Babette Winter MEP


February 2019


1st February    Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding attended a follow-up meeting with head of Berliner Ausländerbehörde

1st February Jeremy Morgan, BiE Steering Group and British in Italy attended a meeting with the consigliere to the Italian Cabinet on Brexit, to discuss  No Deal legislation.

4th February  Co-Chairs BiE, Jane Golding  Fiona Godfrey had a Conference Call with Lindsay Appleby, Director, ExEU, FCO and other FCO and DExEU officials at British Embassy, Berlin by video link.  Fiona also joined by video link from Brit Embassy, Luxembourg.

7th February Deputy Chair BiE, Jeremy Morgan along attended a meeting with Duma Langton, the clerk to the House ofCommons Exiting the EU Committee with representatives of the3million. Followed by further meetings with officials from DEXEU, the DWP, the DHSC (health and social care) and the Foreign Office to discuss No Deal generally. He then met with the assistants to Labour front bench spokespeople on immigration, health and social security. Finally he met with Stephen Timms MP.

14th February  Deputy Chair BiE, Jeremy Morgan Attended the House of Commons with Kalba Meadows (BiE Steering Group) to give evidence to the Committee considering the Immigration and Social Security Coordination Bill.

20th February   Deputy Chair BiE attended a meeting in Rome with the consigliere to the Italian Cabinet on Brexit to discuss No Deal legislation.

27th February  Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding  met with Auswärtiges Amt and other German officials in Berlin.


March 2019


1st March    Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding attended the Auswärtiges Amt along with representatives from the3million.

4th March   Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding attended the  Berlin Senate and a British Embassy event.

5th March   Co-Chair BiE, Fiona Godfrey took part in the GUE/NGL debate at the European Parliament hosted by Barbara Spinelli,on Citizens’ rights with the3million.

5th March  Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding gave an interview to Associated Press on No Deal which was picked up by other print media.

6th March Co-Chairs BiE, Jane Golding and Fiona Godfrey and Deputy Chair BiE, Jeremy Morgan met Sir Alan Duncan (Minister for Europe and the Americas, FCO), Minister Robin Walker (Dept for Exiting the EU -DExEU), and Minister Stephen Hammond (Health), followed by Shadow Brexit minister for citizens’ rights, Paul Blomfield, another meeting with DExEU and then a meeting about the voting franchise in the UK with Another Europe is Possible.

15th March   Co-Chair BiE, Fiona Godfrey met with Lottie Cantle DExEU at the UK embassy, Luxembourg.

19th March   Co-Chair BiE, Fiona Godfrey had a  meeting with MFA, Luxembourg.

20th March   Co-Chair BiE, Jane Golding and Deputy Chair BiE Jeremy Morgan attended  meetings with the3million with the European Parliament President  Antonio Tajani,  MEPs Claude Moraes MEP and Roberto Gualtier. Followed by further meetings with  European Commission, Silvio Grieco (long-term residents directive) and Lieven Brouwers (Secretariat General). Finally they met Guy Verhofstadt and his Chef de Cabinet.

27th March   C0-Chair BiE, Jane Golding met with Lindsay Appleby, Director General, EU Exit, FCO at the British Embassy in Berlin.

29th March British in Italy meeting with Italy Brexit Coordinator.


April 2019


8th April  Deputy Chair, BIE Jeremy Morgan, met with the  Italian 5 Star Movement and Senate relatore for the Decree on citizens’ rights to promote BiI amendments and meeting with Italy Brexit coordinator.

9th April Deputy Chair, BIE Jeremy Morgan attended a meeting at the British Embassy in Rome with Brexit coordinators. He also met with Democratic Party Senators to promote British in Italy amendments to decree.

11th and 12th April Jane Golding, Co-Chair BiE attended the Germany/British Königswinter Conference in Berlin.

29th April Co-Chair BiE Jane Golding and Deputy Chair, Jeremy Morgan attended a meeting with Brexit Secretary Barclay and Minister Robin Walker.


May 2019

7th May  Jeremy Morgan and British in Italy lobbied Italian  Parliamentarians over Italian Brexit decree and ring-fencing

7th May  Jane Golding attended the Queen’s Birthday reception at the Ambassador’s Residence in Berlin.

16th May  Jane Golding met with Franziska Brantner, MdB, Die Grünen (German MP)

25th May  BiE, along with the3million launched the #DeniedMyVote crowdfunder.

29th May  Jane Golding Chaired the British in Germany Annual General Meeting

31st May  British in Europe Annual General Meeting

June 2019


10th June    Fiona Godfrey attended  the  Council of Europe – Annual Diaspora Forum  in Istanbul as BiE were nominated for the Diaspora Award event.

10th June  Jane Golding attended Jeremy Hunt Queen’s Birthday reception for the diplomatic corps at Lancaster House.

13th June   Fiona Godfrey attended the  Queen’s Garden Party with UK Ambassador to Luxembourg.

21st June  Meeting with Helmut Scholz, MEP Die Linke and GUE/NGL Group re ringfencing and Jane Golding.

25th June  Jane Godfrey gave expert evidence before the Nordrhein-Westfalen Landtag with Amanda Diel on behalf of British in Germany.

25th June  Jeremy Morgan met with British embassy in Rome  followed by a meeting Italian govt Brexit coordinator.

July 2019

 3rd July  Exiting the EU Committee, House of Commons, Portcullis House: Jeremy, Jane, Fiona, Kalba and John Richards (Eurocitizens).

18th July  Meeting with Caroline Nokes, Immigration Minister: Fiona  and Jane

19th July  Meeting with Michel Barnier – Fiona Godfrey

23rd July Two days of intensive lobbying in Brussels


August 2019


18th August  Fiona Godfrey meets with UK Ambassador to Luxembourg

20th August British Ambassador in Germany, Sebastian Wood – JG

29th August  Meetings in Whitehall  attended by Jane Golding, Fiona Godfrey, Kalba Meadows and Kathryn Dobson with:

  • DExEU and FCO
  •  new FCO Minister Pincher

29th August  Jeremey Morgan attended a meeting in Edinburgh with Ben Macpherson MSP, Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development in the Scottish Government.

30th August  BiE strategy meeting – London , attended by the Steering Committe, BiE.


September 2019


5th September  Call with the3million re advocacy – Jane Golding and Fiona Godfrey

5th September  Call with the FCO – Jane Golding and Fiona Godfrey

6th September  Jane Golding attended meetings at German Foreign Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Social Security Ministry

10th September Jeremy Morgan attended a meeting of the British in Italy with British Embassy.

British in Italy also met the Italian government’s Brexit coordinator.

16th September Bournemouth –  Jeremy Morgan will address a Fringe event at Lib Dem conference “What does  Brexit mean across the generations?”

24th September Jane Golding will  attend the Labour Party Conference at a Fringe Event with the3Million


October 2019


8th October  Jane Golding and the3million spoke at  the AFCO Committee hearing at the  European Parliament

9th October Jane Golding, along with representatives of the3million met with President Joseph Daul EPP.

9th October Fiona Godfrey and representatives from the3million met with European Parliament President Sassoli.

21st October  Jeremy Morgan gave evidence before the House of Lords EU Justice sub-committee and met with Foreign Office Minister Christopher Pincher.

22nd October Jeremy Morgan met with Paul D’Silva of DEXEU.

22nd October Jane Golding attended the  WHKL Kultur Salon: Panel Discussion on Brexit with Berlin Staatsekretär for Europe and the Deputy Ambassador.

23rd October Schiller Gymnasium: Panel Discussion on Brexit with Professor Dannemann, Humboldt University, and Philip Oltermann from the Guardian


November 2019


5th November British in Europe wrote to each party leader explaining how they can support British citizens living in the EU.  We have had no responses but were pleased to see Votes For Life reached the Lib Dem manifesto.

Letter to the PM_05.11.19_final (2)

19th November Jane Golding took part in a Berliner Europa-Dialogue panel discussion organised at the Freie Universität with the Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V.: “British Roulette – Podiumsdiskussion zum Brexit”