Priorities to Oct 31, 2019

As we head towards the October deadline, British in Europe’s priority is to advocate for the immediate ring-fencing of our rights and those of the EU in UK as laid out in the draft Withdrawal Agreement. We will do this alongside our continuing discussions with national governments regarding the impact of a no-deal situation. We hope to avert the need for individual bilateral agreements with the 26 member states plus EEA countries that are involved as, more than any other organisation, we understand the chaos a no deal Brexit would confer on UK nationals’ rights to live and work in the EU, and the uncertainty that this continuing threat brings to us all. We will continue to campaign to restore and protect our right to vote.

As a volunteer organisation with no financial support from the UK or EU, we do not currently have the resources or legal insurances required to give advice on individual cases. This is the primary responsibility of the UK Government and the government of your host country. We will continue to update our website, Twitter feed and Facebook page with confirmed information as we have it. Our country-based groups cannot offer specific advice for individuals either, but will aim to keep their websites up-to-date with the latest information for their country and may help members to find and use information appropriate for their particular situation.

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